A Title Without a Heart

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to you today to make a simple request.  Well, it seems simple.  But I recognize that change is hard.  I’m requesting that you stop calling yourself a Christian.  Please.

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you tell me that “God hates sloth” in the midst of a discussion about poverty.   I am fairly certain my God loves poor people too.  Even lazy ones.

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you rage about the worthless addicts who brought trouble upon themselves.   I’m certain my God would help them try to break their mental and physical chains.  Again and again and again.  No matter how they got there.

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you berate and demean your family member in public over differing views.  And please stop using the Bible as a club when you do so.

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you condemn a gay friend and call them an abomination.  My Jesus never condemned gays as He ministered on Earth. He loved.

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you rant about “your money” and how it is being used by the government.  Didn’t Jesus say to give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s?  Wouldn’t those taxes no longer be yours?

Stop calling yourself a Christian while simultaneously calling yourself a “deplorable”.  Those two things cannot go together.  If you think they can, then you are misunderstanding one of the chosen labels.

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you spread lies found on conspiracy theory and hateful sites.  My God is a God of truth.

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you continue to spread propaganda veiled as news.  Lies that can easily be disproven with minimal effort.  My God wants our words to be trustworthy.

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you pretend to love while seething with anger and venom.  Telling someone you love them as Christ loves them is not only impossible, it is laughable and false.  Even Jesus got angry.  Are you more holy than He?

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you fight against government help for the poor, the sick, and the dependent.  Stop telling others that it is the church’s job as your justification.  Is the church doing it?  Is the church able to pay for the healthcare of a few of its members let alone the community?  Does your church have a free clinic?  Does your church pay for housing for those without jobs?  Does your church fund rehab for addicts?  Does your church clothe the children of disabled single moms?  Does your church supply groceries for the hungry? Could your church financially survive the $60,000+ MS drugs needed by some to function?  How about an organ transplant and the subsequent lifelong drugs?  Diabetes?  Heart disease?  Complicated births and NICU?

Stop calling yourself a Christian as you demand we protect ourselves from scary refugees.  My God is not a God of fear.  In fact, we are told not to fear.  And we are told to care for the foreigner.



Yes, I know you think I’m too simplistic in these requests.  It is simplistic to suggest that love is the greatest tool we’ve got against all evils.  But I’m not the first to do so.

Politics are separate from our faith.  *Even though our faith is to permeate every portion of our lives.

You are loving people as you tell them they are deviant sinners.  Tough love.  Truthful love.  *Except that condemnation and harsh words drive people away, not toward my God.

The church must protect itself because it is always under attack.  *Did Jesus protect himself?  Don’t we say that “if God is for us who can be against us”?  Or is that just a catchphrase?

Well, we know we are living right if we offend people.  *OR, we are just being jerks and using faith as an excuse.



So, friend, I plead with you today to stop calling yourself a Christian while ignoring the example of your namesake.   Stop saying you will pray for something yet never praying.  Stop saying prayers for needs without looking for a tangible way of meeting those needs.  Stop preaching rules before love.

Until you stop taking the mantle without demonstrating the radical love of your Christ, you misrepresent Him.  Your humanity is out-shined by atheists and agnostics.  Your generosity is eclipsed by rockstars and actors.  Your fight for the weak is pathetic when compared to the humanist social worker.  Your support of the sick is laughable when compared to a fast food clown.

And, friend, since you claim to represent the God  I love, I will continue to speak out when you don’t do so.  I will continually point to the original example of love when the non-churched are confused by your contradictions.  I will apologize to those you’ve damaged.  I will listen to those you’ve hurt.  I will help those you brush aside.  And I will try to lead them back to the God I love.  The God who loves them.  The God you seem to have lost in the anger, fear, and prejudice.

Thank you for considering my request.






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